Summer Getaway: Bali

I'm so sorry to be away for a long time since my previous blog post. I was busy with my high school assignments and other tasks, so I wasn't able to update with fashion informations.

So, finally I was able to graduated from high school and free from school assignments! Yay! Few weeks ago, I was able to go to Bali for my farewell party with some of my fellow classmates. 

And ta-daa.. Here are some documentary of what I ate during my days in Bali.

Nasi Ayam Ibu Oki

Bebek Tepi Sawah

Blackball (Taiwanese dessert)

Flapjacks' strawberry waffle

Tony Roma's new salmon menu + free dessert & salad 

La Fonda's Churros

I spent most of my days in Bali enjoying the culinary there. Although not all of it were Bali's traditional food, but those are the must try foods while you are in Bali. All of it are affordable too. Low cost but happy tummy. Sounds great huh? 

Also, you should visit this new popular bistro with great ambience in Bali. The name of the bistro is The Bistrot

The popular menu in there were the pork ribs. It is quite affordable as the serving portion is quite big. They will give you free fresh salad and bread. I really enjoy my time ate my dinner there with nice ambience and delicious food. I'm sorry that I can't give a shot of the food I ate since me & my friends were hungry and we decided to eat the foods we ordered as it were served. 

Well.. Here's some bonus photos photo of me and my friends during our visit to Pulau Penyu, where people taking care of the sea turtle in that island. You can also see some other animals aside of sea turtle in that island, like eagle, birds, bats, snakes, and etc. 

Watch: Swatch | Semi-cropped Tee: Zara | Bag: Kipling | Sunglasses: Max Mara

The candid photo was taken by my friend Michelle as we were on the way to Penyu Island. 

And here's another bonus photo of great beach view from Jimbaran that I was able to shot.

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