Sulli for Céci Korea: Summer in Hawaii

f(x)'s Sulli looks playful and stylish at the same time for the summer photoshoot in Hawaii. In the photo above, Sulli is dressed in vivid orange knit top by Michael Kors, flower print brief ₩19,000,000 by Playhound by Greyhound, and Jill by Jill Stuart's strap sandals ₩20,000,000.

Earring by Francis KayBikini ₩17,000,000 by Lucky Chouette | Cyan blue halter neck one piece ₩20,000,000 by Jill by Jill Stuart | Camouflage print marble sneaker shoes ₩109,000 | Coral color carier cubic pop ₩219,000 by American Tourister | Sunglasses & bangle are stylists’ collection

I think Sulli able to bring playful and swag to summer pieces for this photoshoot. Don't you think so?

printed crop top ₩45,000 - Snobprinted tight mini skirt ₩45,000 - Snob | snapback ₩45,000 - Snob | mirror sunglass ₩165,000 - Spring Strings

Flower printed yellow bikini ₩17,000 by H&MLight flower pattern romantic mini one piece ₩200,000 by Jill by Jill Stuart

Earring by KatenkellyBold ring ₩50,000 by Francis Kay | Pink & violet color gradation t-shirt ₩100,000 by Jill by Jill Stuart | Neon pink colour swim shirt ₩10,000 by 8 Seconds

Irregular chiffon ₩170,000,000 by MissoniEarring by Francis Kay | Bangle by Bershka | Pink big eye clutch by Lapalette | Strap sandal ₩20,000,000 by Jill by Jill Stuart

Flower printed chiffon blouse ₩530,000 by Elizabeth and James | Shorts by Bluelab | Eye medium tote bag with metal decoration ₩20,000,000 by Lapallete | Orange color jelly shoes ₩9,000,000 by Jinny Kim

Flower motif eyering by Katenkelly | Black snapback ₩38,000 by Snob | Typo point t-shirt ₩39,000 by Snob | Black shorts ₩55,000 by Snob | Modern colour match point marble snickers ₩109,000 | Mini design sporty bag pack ₩79,000 by American Tourister

Hairband ₩930,000 by Blackmuse | Multi check pattern one piece by Comme des Garcons | Sandals ₩1,330,000 by Birkenstock by Sneaksoul | Mint green colour carier cube pop ₩219,000 by American Tourister

Personally I love all Sulli's photoshoot for Céci. She was able to show different images for the same concept, from girly girl into sporty gal for the summer looks. Sulli also wear different colors to freshen up her summer looks. Pastel colors, neon, also black and white were able to be spotted all over the outfits she wears. 

Here's some trend for summer looks that you may follow (this is my personal view while looking through Sulli's photoshoot):
  • Mix and match bright colors. This may freshens up your summer looks and bring bright aura to people surrounds you. (Based on my fashion guru, Jeannie Mai's wearapy theory)
  • Flower patterns/prints.
  • Strap sandals on the go!
  • Don't be afraid to mix different patterns nor clashing different colors.
  • Keep your outfit simple with less accessories. Keep it casual. :) 

I think those may help you to stands out with your summer looks. Also you may have effortless beauty look just like Sulli for this photoshoot. Have a great summer readers! 

photos from: Céci Korea

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